Rough Mixes (Warner Bros., 1991)
Rough Mixes (1991)

The first demo, Rough Mixes, recorded after being signed by Warner Bros. in 1991. After this demo was recorded, all the other demo tapes were hard to get, since they were all seized by WB. The tape features a cover of the Theme from Thunderball, which is originally sung by Tom Jones for the film, Thunderball (1965).

1. Platypus
2. Love Is A Fist
3. Mr. Nice Guy
4. Egg
5. Girls Of Porn
6. Thunderball
7. Slowly Growing Deaf
8. Squeeze Me Macaroni
9. Stubb (A Dub)
10. My Ass Is On Fire
11. Travolta
12. Carousel

The first album demo tape Mr. Bungle handed to Warner Bros. executives. So now they take every demo that predecesses this demo, and now it's damn hard to find (anyhow I don't know how to get them).

Thunderball is originally written by John Barry. The lyrics by Don Black and the vocal by Tom Jones.

Format: Cassette