Bowel of Chiley (1987)
Bowel of Chiley (1987)

The band put out their second demo, Bowel of Chiley in 1987, which was pretty much a ska/reggae/funk album. The recording isn't much better than the first demo. However, the band began experimenting a lot more.

1. For No Reason
2. Nicotina
3. Incoherence
4. Carousel
5. Evil Satan
6. Jumping (Part I)
7. Jumping (Part II)
8. Cottage Cheese
9. You Can't Make Me Mad
10. ()
11. Freight Train
12. No Strings Attached
13. Fart In A Bag
14. Walkin' In Circles
15. Snap, Crackle, Pop
16. Hi
17. Definition Of Shapes

Bowel of Chiley was re-released without permission in 1991, by Playhouse Productions, titled Bowl of Chiley. Also in 1997 a supposed friend got the label, Rastacore to release it without permission from Mr. Bungle. Each format has a different track listing.

Past Band Members:
Hans Wagner - Drums
Scott Fritz - Trumpet

Format: Cassette