Mr. Bungle (Warner Bros., 1991)
Mr. Bungle (1991)

Mr. Bungle's 1991 self-titled debut album, features David Shea, Maximum Bob, and John Zorn. There are also plenty of samples from the David Lynch film, Blue Velvet and from video games, such as Super Mario Bros.

1. Quote Unquote [6:56]
2. Slowly Growing Deaf [6:59]
3. Squeeze Me Macaroni [5:38]
4. Carousel [5:13]
5. Egg [10:38]
6. Stubb (A Dub) [7:19]
7. My Ass Is On Fire [7:47]
8. Girls Of Porn [6:42]
9. Love Is A Fist [6:01]
10. Dead Goon [10:02]

All Songs by Mr. Bungle
©1991 Warner Bros. Records
Beat Me Up Lord Music, ASCAP

Guest Musicians:
David Shea - Turntables
Yeesus Krist, Maximum Bob, Kahli, Jennifer - Background Vocals

Produced by John Zorn & Mr. Bungle
Recorded, Mixed & Engineered by David Bryson
Assistant Engineer & Digital Editing: Matt Murman
Mastering: Bob Ludwig at Masterdisk, New York
Recorded & Mixed at Different Fur, San Francisco, CA 1991.
Release Date: 08/13/1991

Notes: John Zorn is uncredited for playing the solo on Love Is A Fist, and Patton sings on the same track a portion of Vision Of Love, by Mariah Carey

© 1991  Warner Bros. Records Inc.
CD 26640

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