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Hi, this is the page where you can listen to Mr. Bungle and view their clip of their only video. All you need is patience to download them to your hard disk. A download manager, like GetRight is recommended. If something isn't right or if you have any broken links to report, then e-mail me and I'll fix it.

Clip & Info

Phlegmatics (00:42, 642KB)

Love Is A Fist (00:58.5, 148 KB)

Merry Go Bye Bye (00:43, 662 KB)

Stubb (A Dub) (00:32, 498 KB)

Travolta (Quote Unquote) - from BUNGLE FEVER (04:45, 12.5 MB)

None Of Them Knew They Were Robots - from WEB of MIMICRY (00:51, 806 KB)

Ars Moriendi - from WEB of MIMICRY (00:59, 922 KB)

Vanity Fair - from WEB of MIMICRY (00:50, 791 KB)

Golem II: The Bionic Vapour Boy (00:35.5, 90.6 KB)

Interview with Trey & Danny (Part I) - from Break The Silence (18:48, 5.38 MB)

Interview with Trey & Danny (Part II) - from Break The Silence (18:11, 5.2 MB)

Interview with Bär & Danny - from Break The Silence (22:48, 6.52 MB)

Interview with Mike & Buzz Osborne (Part I) - from Roxrevyen Mandag (05:36, 5.13 MB)

Interview with Mike & Buzz Osborne (Part II) - from Roxrevyen Mandag (05:07, 4.69 MB)

Interview with Mike & Buzz Osborne (Part III) - from Roxrevyen Mandag (04:42, 4.31 MB)

Interview with Mike & Buzz Osborne (Part IV) - from Roxrevyen Mandag (04:14, 3.88 MB)

Interview with Mike on BBC Radio1 (25:17.8, 3.1 MB; encoded and hosted by ZorPrime)

Mike Patton interview on JJJ Radio

Video Interview with Tomahawk's Duane Denison - from NZOOM.COM.

Head over to for a hell of a lot more MP3's! Everything you want from Mr. Bungle and other projects and great bands related to Bungle are on this FTP.